Will was amazing, his teaching style made it easier to understand the various theories and concepts on existential counselling.

I can’t begin to tell you how transformative I find Will’s ability to facilitate, I love his experiential and supportive nature.

Working with Will was intense. I loved his desire for me to grow. His workshop has been the best learning experience for me on this journey so far.

Will was always wanting to know what was going on for us to help the learning process. I have developed and learnt an incredible amount to help me grow as a counsellor.

Nigel Will Polak

There comes a time in your life where you stop and ask yourself “When will this ever change?”.

I found myself asking this and many similar questions a few years ago. My partner and I decided to talk too someone and a friend passed on Nigel’s number. I was quite reticent at first but went along with an open mind. That first session was hard. Nigel coached us through and supported us when things got a little rough by providing a range of simple “tools” to help us remain stabilised enough to progress little by little. We still use the advice he gave us in that first session years latter to positive effect. The relationship was saved and changed for the better and I wanted more. I started to see Nigel on my own for a range of other issues including dealing with work, my kids and life in general. I have found Nigel to be a patient, calm, understanding and empathetic man who has helped me navigate the choppy waters that life can throw at us sometimes. I look forward to our talks as I always come away feeling a lot clearer about the path ahead thanks to his…

Will has such an in-depth understanding of both existential philosophy & psychotherapy that there is not much that he is not well versed in. It is obvious that these principles influence both his life and work. You never feel at any point that he is “faking it”. Authenticity is so important when teaching this subject matter.

It was a joy to work with a very experienced educator with vast experience. WIll made it clear that this was a workshop to practice our skills with his input. I have learned a lot about myself and my weaknessses and strengths. I will take that back to mmy own work as a counsellor. I especial enjoyed Will’s calm voice and great knowledge.

After being together six years, my partner and I realised things were starting to deteriorate. We reached a point where we both felt we were ‘trying’ and had lost sight of our individual selves. We attempted to fix things through travelling, renovating and finally time apart. Nothing helped. We realised we needed professional help. That is when we sought out Will. Will has helped us beyond expectation and words. He helped us realise that there are three of us in our relationship – me, my partner, and the relationship. We now feel like we have ‘found’ ourselves as individuals again, have moved into a new house together, and are happier and clearer than ever before. We are so grateful for your help Will – thank you. Anonymous.

I love Will’s use of power, influence and respect. He has vast knowledge and great teaching ability. He quickly created a safe space enabling great depth of self work.

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