5 Principles for Relationship Greatness

If you’re looking for happiness and harmony in your relationship, these principles are a great place to start.

1. Be nice. You can be angry at a person and still love them. The critical thing is to put the love first and the anger second.

2. You have an emotional bank account that you need to keep balanced. The trick is to make A LOT more deposits of good feeling than withdrawals of bad feeling.

3. No matter how you feel always turn towards your partner. Show them that you are THERE for them.

4. LISTEN to your partner. If your partner says “you don’t understand”, then repeat their words back to them word for word until they say “yes, you’ve got it.” You haven’t listened until the other person feels heard – make that your priority.

5. COMMIT to making your relationship work. This is an inner commitment to yourself that is only later reflected in your words and actions.

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